Random Name

a picure of me

details: none

date taken: 2015

Random Name

A piciture of my team and I at HackISU spring 2017

This picture was taken durrign the awards ceremony at which we won the prize for most comercialability potential for our project Shoebotics

feb 2017

Random Name

a picture of me

details: none

date taken: 2015

About Valery

An Electrical Enginering student at Iowa State University in Ames, IA

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Enginering

GPA: 3.2 Expected Graduation: May 2020

Work Experince

I am currently a teaching assistant for EE 285 C programming and problem solving. Last summer I had the pleasure of an automation internship with AES in Cedar Rapids. This has given me experince working with Programable logic controlers and Human Machine Interface. Previously, I have tutored calculus and taught swim lessons for both the City of Idaho Falls and Ames. I continue my love of teaching by frequently volunteering in local STEM outreach programs including Cedar Rapids's Coder Dojo.

Clubs and Activities

I curently hold the position of President in the Critical Tinkers club at Iowa State. The club has an emphasis on critical thinking, as well as provides members with access to resources and other team members for pursuing personal projects.

I am the former secretary of the Writers's Guild at Iowa State. As the secretary I was responsible for sending the weekly club email, asiting in planing club meetings, planning events and asisted in pbulishing the guild anthology. I have been published in the 2016 edition of the guild's anthology as well as the 2017 edition.

I am a member of the Cyclone Swing Society and regularly attend swing dancing lessons and dances.

Within the Cyclone Hockey Pep-band I play flute and use what breath I have left to cheer on the team.

Free Time and Non-Engineering Projects

In additon to being published in the Writers's Guild of Iowa State's anthologies, I am also published in several of Z publishing house's anthologies. I have a short story in All at Once I Saw my colors.

book image

As well as sever short stories and poems in Dream of a World Waking Up

book image

Recently I have done the cover design and part of the publishing for The 2017 edition of the Writer's Guild at ISU anthology.

book cover



circuit design

C, C++





android development




upper embedded systems




The Apocolapse

The Apocolapse is a handheld gaming device my team and I developed at HackISU fall 2016. It uses right and left pushbuttons as well a 16x2 screen for the UI. It's powered by a mobile power bank attached to the arduino 101 mircocontroler and sotored within the box. The system displays a pre-programed question on the screen and the user answers either yes or no using the button lableded so. The screen then displays a win or loss message depending on if the user pressed the right button, if the user won, the system also vibrates using a vibration motor taken from an old phone. Here is the link to the devpost. I have since up graded the project to store how many times the user has one or lost as well have some questions where the answer is no, as oposed to yes.

here is the Git repo with arduino code